Our Story

Dax & Annemieke

In 2015 we accidentally ran into an abandoned house at the top of the Loma de La Caceria hill. It was clear that the house had been uninhabited for years. We saw an opportunity so started to try to find the original owners which ended up taking several months. The search paid off; the owners were keen, and we were excited to acquire it. After two years of renovating with Spanish professionals, we are more than proud of the result; Casa de Pilares.

In the Netherlands we have our company, Sijf & Dax van Zuilen, specializing in nostalgic interior design and incorporated the love for unique, authentic old building materials into our villa. The typical Spanish terracotta tiles are everywhere in the house. The bathrooms have old colored cement tiles. The door with facet glass to the hall is already more than 100 years old, and an authentic Spanish sideboard has been given a new life in our living room.
Simplicity combined with authenticity and contemporary comfort; simple luxury applies to Casa de Pilares.

Our villa has already provided us with many beautiful moments with family and friends, and we wish our guests the same.

Disfruta !!